Mortgage Agent Coaching

Now is the time….

To focus on efficiency, be your most effective, to grow your business if you choose, to find a true work and life balance.


Over the last 15 years, I have built a strong and successful mortgage company, DLC Elevation Mortgage, mentored a team of high achieving mortgage agents, coached, trained and shared my knowledge in various forums – WIMI (WIMI of the Year in Alberta), I Love Mortgage Brokering podcasts, lender panels, industry events, and informally through a wide network of mortgage agents across all brands. I recently spent a year as the national brand ambassador and trainer with Velocity. During this time, I learned from the best of the best on how they manage their businesses, what works, what doesn’t and what actions to take to create efficiency. 

Sharing ideas, new paths, and creative ways to solve the problems we all face in our businesses has been a source of great reward and joy over the last years.

I’m ready to take years of learning and mentoring and start a new journey. One of my own design, with a vision that we can truly have it all – a successful mortgage business, an ease of doing business, and more time for life!

This is not a “sales” course but your sales increase. As your efficiency and effectiveness increases so will your mortgage production. Let’s do more in less time. Or, for some you will gain more freedom, more free time for family, fun, health, and travel…. 

The coaching programs will focus on how to run and manage your business, from the lead stage all the way through to every mortgage anniversary and renewal. 

Referral source, lead, and client management, CRM set-up and management, email and text templates, documents and submission notes, a touch on underwriting, hiring and managing staff, building and maintaining strong lender partnerships, and strategies for growth.

Let’s work together to implement the most effective, efficient processes, freeing up your time to focus on the parts of the business you love, reduce your stress, and help you manage and grow your business.

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