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We had a great experience with Elevation Mortgage. Andy and team were very efficient, professional and responsive and despite the fact that we had a very quick closing, everything was completed early. We highly recommend them for someone looking for a great rate and great service.

Jacqueline G Avatar
Jacqueline G

We worked with Andy and Carllie to set up our mortgage and were thrilled with the timeliness, respect and knowledge that the team at DLC Elevation Mortgage had about the market. Also, it's worth mentioning that they're extremely personable, good humoured and all in all, very pleasant to work with. We were so happy that our realtor recommended DLC, and would certainly recommend them to anybody.

Travis Dickie Avatar
Travis Dickie

Andy and his team provided excellent service and advice on getting mortgage. They were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.

Sungfu Tsai Avatar
Sungfu Tsai

Julie was incredible through the home buying process. She took time to clearly explain our options, got us an amazing rate, and when our lender made an error on our paperwork at the last minute, she jumped in and coordinated a resolution with both our lender and lawyer. She went above and way beyond our expectations getting things sorted out for us, and I could not recommend her enough.Thank you, Julie!! We just took possession, and are so grateful for everything you did for us πŸ€—

Ashley Spragins Avatar
Ashley Spragins

Very friendly staff, easy to talk to and they answered our questions to help us understand everything, happy to use them again next time

Kendra Nickles Avatar
Kendra Nickles

I cannot recommend Julie and her team at DLC Elevation Mortgage more highly! What a great team of professionals. They made the mortgage process smooth and easy for me as a first time homebuyer. Very responsive at all stages and willing to talk through all of my many questions until I felt comfortable. I really learned a lot from Julie and went into the process of looking for my first home feeling very well-informed as a result!

Courtney McLaughlin Avatar
Courtney McLaughlin

Everyone at DLC elevation was amazing! We were first time home buyers and had no clue what we were doing. They guided us through every step and answered every question we had. They made this entire process very smooth and effortless. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jessica Williams Avatar
Jessica Williams

We recently utilized Julie and the team to secure a mortgage for our new home. The service was terrific, as was their market knowledge. We secured a great rate and they provided us with a step by step guide to help us navigate the process. I would highly recommend them.

Cameron McDonald Avatar
Cameron McDonald

I've worked with a LOT of mortgage brokers and agents in the past and Elevation Mortgage is truly top notch. Customer service is a priority and I've never come across agents who will tell the client the truth, whether it's better for the agency or not. They won't just leave a client hanging and will help them plan for their future home ownership. As a Realtor, they've kept me up to date on client files and I've never been left wondering what was going on. This level of care is unheard of in this industry. Keep up the amazing work Julie & Andy!

Sarah Johnston Avatar
Sarah Johnston

I met with Julie in the summer to chat about a mortgage approval. She was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of great information. She went through everything with me in great detail and made sure I left her office with a well-rounded understanding of how mortgages work and what would work best for my own personal situation. Julie did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and I am definitely more informed after speaking with her. I would absolutely recommend her as she is willing to go the extra mile and be creative in order to help her clients!

Dana Paes Avatar
Dana Paes

Buying a house can be a stressful process as we all know. Julie's help made the process almost stress-free. We truly appreciated the time she spent with us helping to understand the various steps in obtaining a mortgage and the different options. Once a mortgage lender was selected, Julie spent time going through the various documents required and ensuring that we understood the fine print. Julie and Wreena kept us informed on the status of our mortgage application up until possession date. I could not have asked for a better experience and I would recommend Julie to anyone looking for a mortgage. Thank You!

Nicholas Cambridge Avatar
Nicholas Cambridge

DLC Elevation Mortgage team is amazing! They pulled out an over a weekend save getting our mortgage approved after our big bank (that we were with for over 12 years) dropped the ball and we almost lost our deal. Currently moving into our dream house and very grateful to Andy & Karlee.

rick infeld Avatar
rick infeld

The DLC Elevation Mortgage team are just fantastic! They’re super knowledgeable, their level of care is second to none and they’re great at clearly explaining the intricacies of mortgages. Can’t recommend them enough!

Sarina Homes Avatar
Sarina Homes

Julie is an expert at what she does. We received excellent advice and service.

Julie Shepherd Avatar
Julie Shepherd

Andy was warm and helpful and was even willing to educate us (as first-time buyers) on some of the other processes of buying a house. He was there for us when we called, even during evening hours. I felt he was an advocate for us and went above and beyond.

Alex Naylor Avatar
Alex Naylor

Highly recommended! Julie helped me out with my first ever mortgage for a condo four years ago. I approached Julie again earlier this year when it came time to purchase a house and was really glad I did. For both, Julie had access to great products and excellent rates. For the house purchase, she really helped us understand options available - their pros/cons and provided a fact-based recommendation that was aligned with our specific situation. Julie and her team (Paula/Sarah) are also very on-the-ball, responsive, and forthcoming with updates on the couple amendments and issues that came-up. Thanks again; Julie, Paula, and Sarah!

Jeff Siow Avatar
Jeff Siow

The service Andy provided us was second to none. We always felt well taken care of and informed. I would recommend Andy and his team at DLC Elevation Mortgage to anyone looking for great service with a personal touch.

Liese Mclaren Avatar
Liese Mclaren

The folks at Elevation mortgage. were so helpful and patient with me over my year long journey to find and purchase my home. I'm so happy to have had the chance to work with them. and would not hesitate to use them for any future purchases.

John Neary Avatar
John Neary

Julie was great to work with, and very helpful at explaining things to first-time homebuyers.

Mitch Avatar

Andy and Julie are very efficient, helpful and professional. Without them I do not believe we would be able to move into our first home.Our situation was a little more complicated than the average case however Elevation Mortgage was able to get us a great rate on time with no issues. They make the process very simple and understandable for their clients but if you do have questions or concerns like myself, Andy was right there to help explain and walk us through it. It is clear that they have their clients' best interest in mind and found them very trustworthy and easy to get along. If I'm ever in the position for another mortgage I look forward to working with them again!

Taj Melic Avatar
Taj Melic

Elevation is great, they helped my find a fantastic mortgage rate, and answered all my questions very thoroughly while buying my first home. I'll be sure to use them again in the future!

Adam L Avatar
Adam L

I am a Realtor and there is no one else that I would ever refer my clients to. This is the most professional and knowledgeable team I have ever worked with. They also are great at getting the tough stuff done. Always timely and with a smile.

Karen Vail Avatar
Karen Vail

Great customer service, quick response and friendly staff. I was able to get a great mortgage in a very short time. Definitely recommend them.

Valerie J. Avatar
Valerie J.

We worked with Andy and Carllie to set up our mortgage and were thrilled with the timeliness, respect and knowledge that the team at DLC Elevation Mortgage had about the market. Also, it's worth mentioning that they're extremely personable, good humoured and all in all, very pleasant to work with. We were so happy that our realtor recommended DLC, and would certainly recommend them to anybody.

Travis Dickie Avatar
Travis Dickie

Julie and her team of rock stars! Thank you for your attention to detail during the buying process. As first time home buyers, your patience and thoroughness was highly appreciated. We felt supported in making our decisions, while Julie and the team kept us informed at every turn. We were pushed by the seller to make a quick sale and you prevailed under our time constraints. We can't thank you enough and look forward to continued business together!

Tara Derkson Avatar
Tara Derkson

This is our second mortgage with Andy & team! They are all amazing to work with!! I would highly recommend Elevation Mortgage.Thank you Elevation Mortgage team!

Kendra Gray Avatar
Kendra Gray

Very prompt and friendly customer service.

Austin Gough Avatar
Austin Gough

I have been going to Andy for my mortgage for 10 years. He has always been more than helpful and accommodating.

Mason B Avatar
Mason B

Outstanding service. They worked very hard to get me the best terms and rates, I wouldn't use anyone else.

Joel Klassen Avatar
Joel Klassen

Excellent company. Helped us buy our first house.

Craig Dymock Avatar
Craig Dymock